Treating pain with traditional chinese medicine

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Dagmar Riley
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Published 2003
With prescriptions by :
Liú Dé-Quán (acupuncture)
Zhang Chun-Róng (chinese medicinal formulas)
This outstanding book examines the causes of pain according to TCM. It is a book that goes beyond the basic theories of Chinese medicine by applying them to the specific theme of pain. It is extremely useful not only for students seeking to understand correct pathomechanism and symptom diagnosis according to Chinese medicine, but as well for practitioners who on a daily basis seek to relieve their patients of common painful discomforts and ailments. This is certain to be a text that is well received by clinicians at many levels of experience.
This work casts light on the different causes of pain as the basis for choosing the right treatment method. For example, several patients may display the identical pain symptom, but that symptom may be brought about by several different causes. Thus, different treatments may be needed to treat the same pain symptom, which is known as ""unlike treatment of like disease"". This is a concept that is universal in Chinese traditional medicine but given little consideration in the current Western biomedical model.


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