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The treatment of knotty diseases with Chinese acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine
Shandong science and technology press
First edition: 1990
Compiled by Nian-fang Shao
Translated by Xiao Gong / Zuo Lian-Jun
Examined and revised by Nian-fang Shao
Through more than 20 year medical practice, the author has experienced a number of difficult diseases or syndromes which were already treated in many ways and in not a few modern hospitals of high rank without much effect, or even resisted to treatment thus forming really difficult and knotty problems. To those cases, according to the therory of traditional Chinese medicine and its applications, the principle of syndrome differenciation and treatment, a coordinated combination of herbal medicine, acupuncture and other treatment has been the adopted scheme, among them many have obtained prominent therapeutic effects, and not a few even reached the state of clinical cure. These clinical material has been included and sorted out in this book.
58 kinds of diseases or syndromes, to each kind, discussion goes on under four main headings, namely the brief introduction, the TCM syndrome differenciation and treatment, the case report and the personal experience.

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