Imperial secrets of health and longevity

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Bob Flaws
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This is one of our perennially popular layperson’s books on Chinese medicine. It is a good basic introduction to Chinese medicine and a good introduction to Chinese health-preservation and longevity practices. It is the basis for Sounds True’s six tape audio cassette set titled Chinese Secrets of Health & Longevity.
This book discusses the 14 secrets of longevity of the Qing Dynasty Emperor, Qian Long, who held one of the longest reigns of any monarch in Chinese history. Qian Long ruled for 60 years and only stepped down from the throne so as not to surpass his grandfather Kang Xi’s 61 year reign. When understood properly, these 14 secrets cover all aspects of a healthy life. Now Western readers can share Qian Long’s pragmatic and common sense wisdom on how to live a long and healthy life.

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