Dui yao - The art of combining chinese medicinals

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Philippe Sionneau
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Translated by Bernard Coté
This book has been enthusiastically received by Chinese herbal students throughout the U.S. We are constantly told how useful this book is. It is always one of the first books to sell out whenever we visit schools or display at conventions where there are large numbers of students. Philippe has done a very worthwhile and much appreciated piece of work with the compilation of this book.
Typically, students of Chinese medicine first study the individual materia medica (ben cao xue) and then study formulas and prescriptions (fang ji xue). However, there is an important intermediary step which is often overlooked. This is called dui yao in Chinese, the art of combining medicinals. Based on thousands of years of recorded clinical experience, certain combinations of Chinese medicinals work better than others. Although theoretically there may be several possible combinations which might achieve a certain therapeutic effect, in actual fact, one combination in particular gets definite, dependable clinical results.


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